Wallsend Charity brings relief to communities hit by coronavirus

Wallsend-based charity LD North East is using cash from The Bernicia Foundation to bring light into the lives of people hit by the Coronavirus outbreak.

They are using £1,250 from the foundation – administered through North Tyneside Council – to make welfare calls to people living on their own and buying craft materials to raise people’s spirits at the toughest of times.

The charity supports people with learning difficulties from birth, right the way through their lives.

Like most charities, accessing money immediately is vitally important for them to maintain their services with finances squeezed right across society.

Lisa Wild, LD North East development manager, said: “We are really very grateful to Bernicia, getting access to the money really quickly makes a difference to us in the help and support we can deliver now.

“We are doing a lot more support over the phone at the moment. We’re making well-being calls to people, particularly those on their own.

“These calls are to make sure people are okay. Three to four weeks into lockdown and families are finding it really tough.

“We are trying to support people get their daily exercise and a lot of help is to support people’s mental well-being, to keep them occupied.

“So we’re buying things like craft kits for people, wool for people who knit, dropping that off or getting it posted out and things like jigsaw puzzles.

“The Bernicia money is helping us meet communication and transport costs.”

LD North East publicly thanked Bernicia for its help through social media. Lisa said the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown were felt especially deeply by people with learning difficulties whose days were based around routine – routines which had been broken through social distancing restrictions.

She added: “We are also looking to order things for our children’s project, sunflower growing kits to send out to the kids.

“Bernicia’s money will help us with those added extras that we need to provide to people to stop them going into crisis.”