Equality and Diversity

Bernicia believes that equality and diversity is not just about meeting legal and regulatory requirements, it is fundamental to the way we deliver our services and perform as an employer.

We are committed to providing and promoting equality for all employees and the wider community, irrespective of colour, race, religion, ethnicity, family status, gender, age, disability or sexuality. We are committed to avoiding all forms of discrimination, whether direct, indirect, individual or institutional, both within Bernicia Group and in the delivery of our services. To achieve this we will create an environment where people are treated as individuals, fairly and with dignity and respect.

Policy Statement
Bernicia Group aims to treat all people, with whom it has contact, fairly and with respect. Bernicia Group is fully committed to the promotion of equal opportunity and the elimination of unfair and unlawful discrimination.

Bernicia recognises that many groups and individuals may experience disadvantage because of their race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

We believe that, as an employer and a social landlord, we have a role to play in tackling such disadvantage.

We aim to provide accessible services in ways that are fair and accountable. We also aim to meet the needs of applicants and residents in as fair a way as possible and in so doing welcome and value the diversity of the communities that we serve.

Our vision is for Bernicia Group to be the kind of organisation in which commitment to equality and diversity is shown not only by the fine words used in its policy documents, but is also evident in the great variety of the make up of our people – board members, staff, residents, stakeholders and partners, and in the inclusive nature of our culture and practices and the face it shows to the world.

Group policies have been devised in accordance with existing legislation and codes of practice. Bernicia Group recognises the importance of working to legislation, but acknowledges that to demonstrate true commitment to diversity and equality, this policy and working practices should go beyond legislation.

Gender Pay Gap

Following the amalgamation of our group structure, we are now required to publish various details relevant to our gender pay gap.  Our gender pay statement is detailed here.

Gender pay gap statement.docx