Bank bringing communities together

Bernicia was delighted to be able to support the Northumberland Community Bank with its ethical banking services at a drop-in session at Bedlington Learning Hive.

Keith Rodgers (pictured left) was one of a number of local people who opened up a secure savings account, money which the bank then uses to help create a fund to lend to local people at an affordable rate.

The bank’s Cameron Douglas (pictured right) helped Keith open his account, while his colleague Audrey Graham assisted Keith’s wife Barbara and son Ian to open their own savings accounts.

The community bank provides services which put people before profit. Its affordable loans tailored to people’s individual requirements prevent locals resorting to pay day lenders, loan sharks or other high interest lenders at times of need.

Savings accounts are available for children and adults, organisations, charities and businesses with the knowledge that money deposited is helping local people.

Bernicia works with the Northern Learning Trust charity to provide learning and skills resources and services for people in the Bedlington and Newbiggin areas through Learning Hives, helping locals upskill, raise their self confidence and secure employment.

More information about the bank here.