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What’s the maximum amount of money my organisation can get when applying for a grant?

The Bernicia Foundation tends to give grants between £5,000 and £10,000 – although we will consider amounts outside these guidelines where they demonstrate significant community value.

What should I talk about in my application?

Applicants for the Inclusion Grant Programme will need to identify three objectives related to the work set out in their application.

What happens after my organisation has received a grant?

Successful applicants will need to provide an ‘end-of-grant monitoring report ’ explaining the impact of the funding within their local community, evidence progress against their grant objectives and a short project evaluation.

Which organisations are considered for the Inclusion Grant Programme?

Examples of eligible groups include:

  • Constituted voluntary or community organisations
  • Registered charities, including charitable companies
  • Social enterprises like CICs and co-operatives, subject to the normal funding restrictions for the costs of continuing services. Community Interest Companies (CICs) or other social enterprises that are not charities can apply for the charitable costs of starting up the enterprise, setting up to trade existing goods in a new market, or developing new goods and services to trade in line with a sound business plan.  The Foundation does not normally support CICs and other non-charity enterprises with the costs of continuing services, which should be financed by the sale of goods and services in line with the government model they have chosen.

In addition applicants will only be considered if they;

  • are based or working in Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, County Durham and Teesside
  • have an annual income under £750,000
  • have no more than 6 months’ running costs in reserve
  • have their own bank account
  • have a safeguarding policy in place (where working with vulnerable people or children)

See our Application Guide for more details

Who is considered for the Inspiration Grant Programme?

Our Inspiration Grant Programme will be awarded to inspirational young people aged 24 or under/organisations that deal with inspirational young people aged 24 or under. These young people should demonstrate real potential, with a talent for anything from sporting skills, academia, performing arts to creative flair.  Applicants must normally reside in Bernicia’s operating area

What’s the maximum amount of money an individual can get when applying for a grant?

The Bernicia Foundation can award grants of up to £1,000 per person. It is unlikely individual awards would exceed this amount, although we may give consideration to exceptional circumstances.

What should I talk about in my application?

Applicants should show how a grant from the Foundation will help reduce barriers and allow individuals to achieve their potential.

What will not be funded?

The Inspiration Grant Programme does not award grants towards personal business ventures or general welfare support.