Opportunities begin on our doorstep

The funding programme opens on 5th July 2021 and will close for applications at midnight on 16th August 2021

Inclusion Application

Please check our eligibility guide before applying. In particular, can you answer yes to the following:

  • We have no more than 6 months’ running costs in reserve and our latest financial information will confirm this
  • We are not a social enterprise or CIC applying for core costs (see eligibility for who can apply for core costs)
  • We have a governing body of at least three unrelated individuals
  • We are based or working in Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, County Durham and Teesside
  • We have an annual income under £750,000
  • We have a governing document, our own bank account and a safeguarding policy if working with vulnerable people

Apply from 5th July Inclusion


Inspiration Application

Please check our eligibility guide before applying

Apply from 5th July Inspiration