Funding our region's future

Our £1m funding pledge is a significant addition to the region’s charitable sector, so we want it to make a real impact.

Priority will be given to applications that are client-led, show how their work meets funding priority aims, and/or how it inspires others.

When awarding grants, Trustees will be mindful of Bernicia’s operating areas, as well as funding cold spots and high areas of need, to make sure funding is targeted in areas where this will have the greatest impact.

Grants to help talented young people will be prioritised to those whose personal circumstances might limit their chances of success, and where a helping hand from us will reduce those barriers.

We will fund projects and initiatives that support our inclusion and inspiration objectives.

Inclusion Grant Programme

Our Inclusion Grant Programme will be awarded to those who prioritise:

Social inclusion

  • Reducing isolation and loneliness
  • Promoting independence
  • Building citizenship, confidence and aspiration.

Economic inclusion

  • Removing barriers to employment, training and volunteering
  • Reducing child poverty
  • Tackling fuel poverty
  • Improving financial well-being

Inspiration Grant Programme

Our Inspiration Grant Programme will be awarded to inspirational young people aged 24 or under/organisations that deal with inspirational young people aged 24 or under who demonstrate real talent and potential. This can be anything from sporting skills, academia, performing arts to creative flair. Please note that Inspiration grants will only be awarded to individuals. Organisations should apply for an Inclusion Grant

Unfortunately, these programmes will not fund:

  • Organisations with an annual income of over £750,000
  • Contributions to general appeals or circulars
  • Religious/political activity, which is not for the wider public benefit
  • Routine building or equipment repairs and maintenance
  • Activities that have already taken place/retrospective funding
  • Grant-making by other organisations/third – party funding
  • Privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited partnerships
  • Organisations with unrestricted reserves that exceed one year’s running costs
  • Projects and initiatives operating outside of the North East