Inclusion Grant Application Form

The information on this form will help us to process your application, so please ensure that you answer all the questions as fully as possible.

We advise all applicants to read the Fund guidelines, which are available on our website:

Inclusion Grant Application Form

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Where you indicate that people in your organisation are related, we may ask additional questions about steps you have taken to prevent any potential conflicts of interest. Please note that the Community Foundation requires applicants to have a governing body of at least three unrelated individuals.
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Identify 3 SMART objectives that will be met as a result of the grant. These should link to the answers you gave in questions 9 and 10.
Please refer to the guidance on creating SMART objectives at the end of this form.
Each grant objective should not be longer than 25 words.
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(maximum 300 words) Tell us how you will collect evidence that shows the SMART objectives have been met and explain how you will report on them. For example, written reports, case studies, photos.


Where will the money come from? If you are applying for core costs, please give your annual budget. (Indicate funds already secured with an ‘S’)
What are you asking us to fund with the grant?

Guidance on SMART objectives

What is a SMART objective?

SMART stands for:

Specific You should state exactly what you intend to do with the grant.
Measurable Make sure it is possible to collect evidence of what is achieved with the grant.
Achievable Be realistic, and only set grant objectives that you are able to deliver.
Relevant Remember we are interested primarily in what difference our grant will make.
Timescaled For each grant objective tell us exactly when you hope to have achieved it.

Examples might include:

For a simple grant to purchase a mower for a cricket club:

  1. A mower will be bought and used on the club’s pitch by June 2021.

For a more complex grant to run youth sessions focused on promoting healthy living:

  1. 40 young people will take part between June and August 2021.
  2. 12 sessions will be held of 2 hours duration in Summer 2021 covering exercise, healthy eating, smoking, sexual health and drugs and alcohol.
  3. We will collect? Before and after? Evidence to see if participants? Attitudes to healthy living change and report our findings in September 2021.

Our advisors will review your grant objectives when we consider your application and may suggest changes to them if necessary.